UYN Running Alpha OW Chemise Homme, blackboard-/charcoal

UYN Running Alpha OW Chemise Homme, blackboard/charcoal

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Performance requires the right gear. UYN® Run Alpha Shirt Long Sleeves was designed for you to get out all of your body. It guarantees an optimum body climate even on colder days thanks to innovative UYN technologies. With its innovative cut, the shirt offers maximum freedom of movement.

In the hip area, the curved shape of the UYN Hypermotion System ensures greater torso stability and stabilises your lower back. As with Hypermotion technology, the pants are also created in one piece and this structure ensures unrestricted freedom of movement.

Cools the body during movement and keeps the skin comfortably dry.

A three-dimensional hexagonal fabric structure permits optimal climate regulation. In the adbominal area, a thicker structure provides better insulation and stability, while the thinner structure in the chest area ensures breathability channelling moisture effectively outwards.

Exposed areas, e.g. elbows and knees, are designed to be especially resistant and thermally insulating.

With the special Natex thread, UYN lets nature work for your wellbeing. Natex is expecially light and reduces the weight of the baselayer 25 percent.Natex garments dry up to 50 percent faster than comparable nylon clothing. The 100%-natural organic fiber is more elastic and the bacteriostatic effect minimizes odors.

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  • Vêtement près du corps, taillé pour les athlètes.
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- : Col rond
Type : Tee-shirt à manches longues
Utilisation : Course à pied
couches de vêtements : Couche de base / couche fonctionnelle
manches : Manches raglan
Matériaux : 48 % polyamide, 48 % polyester, 3 % elastane, 1 % polypropylene





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